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 Playing Policy & One Sumptuous Meal

Heavenly Preaching & One Fine Funeral

A Negro Folktale

A Funeral Sermon Virginia-Style

Doubting Thomas A Sermon by C.L. Franklin

Miriam DeCosta-Willis: Third Wave Feminism   /  A Black By Any Other Name . . .  / The Memphis Diary of Ida B. Wells 

 Homespun Images  / Looking Toward Arbutus /   Miriam in Ghana /   Etheridge Knight's Love Songs to Women  / The Ground Beneath Her Feet    / Hopkins first African-American PhD  // The Intersection of Beauty and Crime (poems by Jawanza Phoenix)


The Ways of Women

A Folktale

Isaac in Heaven: An Interview

The Name of Allah Be Round About Us

Folklore from the Holy Land

Stuck in a Blackbird's Groove  / Farrakhan: Dumbing Down American People / Morgan Freeman: GOP Goals Are Racist   / Why White Liberals Are Abandoning Obama



An Account of Dhu'l Nun In the Name Of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful by Amin Sharif


Huub Osterhuis


The Seven Flames

Then I Will Live

The Story of Ali Cogia Merchant of Baghdad


The Three Alis By Mohammed Ben Abdullah Yussufi




6th National Black Writers Conference -- April 2-April 5, 2003


The Middle-Atlantic Writers Association


Distinguished scholar and educator Arthur P. Davis--winner of the first MAWA Distinguished Critic Award--receives the Therman B. O'Daniel Distinguished Educator Award, October 20, 1988,

from Board Chairman Burney J. Hollis

Official Publication of the Middle Atlantic Writers Association

(MAWA) Volume 16, Numbers 1 and 2

Troy Johnson founded in 1998 the African American Literature Book Club (AALBC) /   Responses to Barack Obama Winning   /  Wilson's Obama Poem

Wilson J. Moses: A Time for Peace: A Time for War  /  Aquinas, Smith, Jefferson, Malthus, Marx, Keynes  /  Historiography and African Americans: Benjamin Quarles 

MAWA Conference The Caribbean Presence  October 15-18, 2003

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