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 The media hounded and vilified Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

for suggesting the Bush Administration had prior knowledge of terrorist

plans to attack the World Trade Center but said nothing when her

suspicions were later confirmed.



The Media/Fascist Collaboration

By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The chilling reality of our time is that our biggest enemies are within. CNN is one such enemy The New World Order crusaders know that it is better to control people and nations with the scientific application of fear and lies rather than the more unpredictable and expensive methodology of bullets and bombs. So forty years ago, the CIA's, "Operation Mockingbird," went into full swing. The goal of the program was simply to control all mechanisms of opinion - the print news, the public opinion polls and the television news media.

 Their thinking was, if you control what people think, you've won the war before it has even begun. And they have been frighteningly successful at achieving their goal. Since the 1950's all major news and polling organizations have, to one degree or another, been absorbed into the sphere of control of the intelligence agencies. Now, the hard truth, which is simply too fantastic for most people to believe much less even comprehend in the first place is that the major news media is in actuality, mind controlling, opinion forming, population control mechanisms, and little else. CNN being wholly a government propaganda machine, an organ of the CIA, and indeed as claimed by many in the right as well as left, extraordinarily influenced to the point of near subservience to a Zionist political agenda (more so than any discernible American agenda) . . .

 CNN is in charge of faking out the American people and tricking us into thinking there is support for the government, Bush and the war. CNN, Fox and the other government propaganda channels are clear warnings of what these New World Order types have in store for us -- lies, war, death, slick 3D graphics, fraudulent polls, fraudulent elections, ominous theme music and dumb newsreaders CNN is in charge of faking out the American people and tricking us into thinking there is support for the government, Bush and the war. CNN, Fox and the other government propaganda channels are clear warnings of what these New World Order types have in store for us - lies, war, death, slick 3D graphics, fraudulent polls, fraudulent elections, ominous theme music and dumb newsreaders. VoxNews


As Bush's War Party presses on in its goal to bum rush the Middle East (look for them to fabricate pretexts to go after Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia before moving on to North Korea) and subsequently the world, the key component in their success in pulling off their global fascist agenda is having the total cooperation of the corporate media. Following 9-11, NBC evening news anchor Tom Brokaw received mail laced with anthrax and several minor writers and newspersons were fired as a general warning to the media to go along with the Bush program or else.

Since then, the mainstream media, the cable news networks, and radio conglomerates like Clear Channel have served as cheerleaders, sycophants, and lackeys for an essentially petroleum based, geostrategic and Israel-friendly agenda put forth by their proxies in the Bush Administration. The media has been very friendly towards George W. Bush. From the very beginning when he announced his candidacy George W Bush received favorable coverage, one might call it kid-glove protection by the media. While they mentioned his lack of foreign policy experience and a drunk-driving issue, there was absolutely no coverage of the fact Bush was AWOL from his Texas Air National Guard position where he fled to avoid active duty during Viet Nam. No mention was ever made of his insider trading deals, his family's traitorous support of the Nazis prior to WW II, their involvement in drug running, the S&L scandal, money laundering, and governmental fraud.

The media glossed over the corporate scandals, the rigging of books and other corporate improprieties and the nose dive the economy is taking under his watch. Yet this same media gleefully promotes the War on Terror which is an outgrowth of 9-11, but the major media outlets never asked any serious questions about 9-11, how it happened, why it happened, nor did they challenge the Bush administration's account of how and why 9-11 happened. Almost fifty years after the start of Operation Mockingbird the CIA and government now effectively control the mass media which has prostituted itself to do their bidding and dirty work. In a fascist environment where the government is enmeshed with corporate power, the directors of the media conglomerates are part and parcel of the ruling elite class and have a vested interest in promoting the New World Order’s global agenda.

The media hounded and vilified Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney for suggesting the Bush Administration had prior knowledge of terrorist plans to attack the World Trade Center but said nothing when her suspicions were later confirmed. The corporate media never challenged the lame excuses Bush's National Security Advisor and former big oil company board member, Condoleeza (Kinda Sleazy) Rice offered to the media once the truth eventually became known. They never followed up on it or made it a serious issue and we know why; because they are major players in the game! Since the war started, have you heard a network or cable news anchor say a disparaging word about the War in Iraq?

Increasingly more and more thinking people are seeking alternative sources for their information because they intuitively realize the mainstream media is not telling the truth. Most people can see that AmeriKKKa is the one using super advanced technology and weapons of mass destruction to invade an essentially defenseless nation. The people of the world see this and sane nations like China, North Korea, and Iran (those stable enough and not totally engrossed in ripping off their people) are gearing up for possible confrontation with an AmeriKKKan regime gone totally mad. It has been said "those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. Here we go again.

AmeriKKKa has been down this road before in Viet Nam, WW I and II, The Spanish American War, The Mexican War, The Indian wars etc. Each one of those wars was about crass and naked imperialism, white men fighting over and taking via violence and bloodlust what was not theirs, what they had no moral or legal claim to. The Iraq War will not be like the invasions of Panama City or Grenada, quick surgical strikes where the truth isn't discovered until later. Nevertheless the masses are being duped to go along with the invasion. Like the past wars the Bush Administration is attempting to create support for his war by using the mass media. The propaganda campaigns were designed to brainwash the masses by confusing imperialism with democracy, making evil sound like good and war, carnage and collateral damage seem like liberation.

If the Iraqi puppets the Bush cabal plan to install to oversee the country once they've overrun it and occupied it know anything about AmeriKKKan history (like how they've lied to the Native Americans, African-Americans, Filipinos, the Kurds and Afghanis just to name a few) they will think twice about getting into bed with or make any deals with Bush and Co. The media cheerleaders haven't told the AmeriKKKan public about the trans-Afghanistan pipeline deal signed in December 2002, which was the real reason Bush and Co. bombed Afghanistan to smithereens. They're not telling them about the pending military action in Columbia either. How many more innocent people will have to die before the AmeriKKKan people wake up? History may eventually judge AmeriKKKa like Hitler's Nazi Germany? It's very probable because Bush and Co. are doing in AmeriKKKa everything Hitler did in Germany, including masterfully using the media to sell his program of fascist imperialism and genocide.

6 April 2003

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What Orwell Didn't Know

Propaganda and the New Face of American Politics

By Andras Szanto

Propaganda. Manipulation. Spin. Control. It has ever been thus—or has it? On the eve of the 60th anniversary of George Orwell's classic essay on propaganda (Politics and the English Language), writers have been invited to explore what Orwell didn't—or couldn't—know. Their responses, framed in pithy, focused essays, range far and wide: from the effect of television and computing, to the vast expansion of knowledge about how our brains respond to symbolic messages, to the merger of journalism and entertainment, to lessons learned during and after a half-century of totalitarianism. Together, they paint a portrait of a political culture in which propaganda and mind control are alive and well (albeit in forms and places that would have surprised Orwell). The pieces in this anthology sound alarm bells about the manipulation and misinformation in today's politics, and offer guideposts for a journalism attuned to Orwellian tendencies in the 21st century.

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The Last Holiday: A Memoir

By Gil Scott Heron

Shortly after we republished The Vulture and The Nigger Factory, Gil started to tell me about The Last Holiday, an account he was writing of a multi-city tour that he ended up doing with Stevie Wonder in late 1980 and early 1981. Originally Bob Marley was meant to be playing the tour that Stevie Wonder had conceived as a way of trying to force legislation to make Martin Luther King's birthday a national holiday. At the time, Marley was dying of cancer, so Gil was asked to do the first six dates. He ended up doing all 41. And Dr King's birthday ended up becoming a national holiday ("The Last Holiday because America can't afford to have another national holiday"), but Gil always felt that Stevie never got the recognition he deserved and that his story needed to be told. The first chapters of this book were given to me in New York when Gil was living in the Chelsea Hotel.

*   *   *   *   *

The White Masters of the World

From The World and Africa, 1965

By W. E. B. Du Bois

W. E. B. Du Bois’ Arraignment and Indictment of White Civilization (Fletcher)

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