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Mission of the Black Church (James Cone)  /  Black Liberation Theology (Defined by James Cone)


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Global News:PoliticsLiterature & the Arts / Bill Moyers and James Cone (Interview)

Send contributions to: ChickenBones: A Journal /  2005 Arabian Drive / Finksburg, MD 21048 -- I became aware of Rudy Lewis’ labor of love a few short months ago during a visit to Kalamu ya Salaam’s e-drum listserv. As soon as I saw the title of the journal I knew it was about Black folks, and the power of the written word.  A quick click took me into a journal that’s long on creativity, highlighting well-known, little known, and a little known writers, and commitment to the empowerment of Black folks. I contacted Rudy to ask if he’d consider publishing some of my work. His response was immediate, and a couple of days after I’d forwarded some poems to him—they were part of ChickenBones. What I didn’t know was that this journal has been surviving for the last five years with very little outside financial support. . .  If we want journals like this to “thrive” we need to support them with more than our website hits, praise, and submissions for publication consideration.

—Peace, Mary E. Weems (January 2007)          

The Black Christ 


By Kelly Brown Douglass

The Black Nazarene

By Richard Deverall

 Sermon on the Mount / Seven Last Words of Jesus  / The Second Time Around by Elisabeth Evens

 The Black Christ by Don L. Lee  /  Black Christ Poem

  Turner-Cone Theology Page  /   Black Christ in Flesh  /  Black Christ Worship  /  Black Jesus Has Nothing But Affection 


  BCP Digital Printing 

BCP Digital Printing

Nigeria Acquits Woman Sentenced to Stoning Death  By Todd Pitman  / The African World

The Fight for Freedom Still Needs Freedom Fighters by Marvin L. ‘Doc’ Cheatham, Sr. 7th President NAACP Baltimore City Branch

The Official History of Jerusalem Baptist Church Jarratt, Virginia /   Black Church (Time Essay, 1970)     Turner-Cone Theology Page

(We're Gonna Give 

You Protection,




Poll Finds Blacks Least Likely 

To Back War Against Iraq


The Chicago Touch In International Affairs

The Negro Church  Jacob and Esau ( W.E.B. Du Bois) /  Du Bois Chronology  Fifty Influential Figures Turner-Cone Theology Page


The Color Line and the War

By Roy Wilkens

What Will Be After An Iraqui War

A Commentary by Amin Sharif

The Seven Flames  By Huub Osterhuis  /    Then I Will Live  /  Securing my homeland (Judy Simmons)  / Still We Rise (Maya Angelou)

Articles by Amin Sharif


Black Man Descending: On Mike Tyson  / On J. A. Rogers' "Hitler and the Negro"    


In Praise of Langston Hughes  /  Resurrection in Mississippi (poem for Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner)


The Fight for Freedom Still Needs Freedom Fighters by Marvin L. ‘Doc’ Cheatham, Sr. 7th President NAACP Baltimore City Branch

Boof Speaks About Sudan on Israeli Radio  Boof Banned in Anacostia

  A Hymn to Kola Boof  The African World  Nkrumah-Lumumba-Nyerere Index

A Tribute to Bea Gaddy

An Angel Among Us

By DC Moore

Bea Gaddy Bio  Gaddy on Loving   Funeral Service Gaddy

The Progressive Leaders of  Glide Memorial United Methodist Church (Rev. Cecil Williams & Janice Mirikitani)

Opium in the Far East

It is considered a military and economic tactic, as much a part of the Japanese strategy in the subjugation of China as was the deliberate bombardment of Shanghai. It is their purpose to poison and corrupt the Chinese farmers, the workmen, the students, so that in the future they will be unable to resist the invader either morally or physically.

Prayer Tradition of Black People (By Harold A. Carter) / Black Prayer 1    Black Prayer 2     Black Prayer 3   / A  Prayer by Martin Luther King  Turner-Cone Theology

 Marvin X Comments on Privilege & Passivity:


Black Bourgeoisie Defend Their Own in Chicago Tragedy

The San Francisco Anti-War March Do Blacks Support the Anti-War Movement? 

Marvin X Table  Marvin X Bio  Other Works  By Marvin X 

The Military Industrial Complex  and AmeriKKKan Imperialism (Junious Ricardo Stanton)  / Stanton Bio  Positively Black Table 

The Fight for Global Justice

Remarks Before National Press Club, November 12, 2002

By Danny Glover

Board Chairman of TransAfrica

RELIGIOUS SANKOFA CRUSADE  / Table of Contents  Daedalus Preface    Daedalus Contributors  / Turner-Cone Theology Page 

Ron Artest Ain’t the Problem! A Revolutionary Take on “Fight Night in the NBA”  by Carl Dix   Another Stolen Election? 

"What Martin Luther King Means To Me"

 Martin Luther King Jr. will go down in history as one of the greatest Americans of them all. -- Edward Kennedy

Clearly, Dr. King was a prophet. -- Cardinal Bernardin

Ernest Withers--Civil Rights Photographer  Turner-Cone Theology Page

No Marriage Between Black  Ministers and Queer Community by Irene Monroe / Letter from Birmingham Jail  / Letter from Alabama Clergymen

By Kalamu ya Salaam

ACTION: all out to stop the war

demonstrate, saturday, march 15, 2003

ChickenHawks Crow for War(Matt Bivens)  /Remembering Reggie (Clarence (Tiger) Davis)  /African Slavery -- Religion   and Colonial Brazil

Life of Black Army Chaplains

Challenging the Paymaster

The Case of Benjamin Harrison

 Plummer, Allensworth, Steward, et al

Stand Up Against the War on Iraq / Join Unity for Action /   Gather 5 pm --April 4, 2003 / Kick-off  6 pm MLK Boulevard & Howard Street

Downtown Baltimore / For further info (410) 532-6136 --  /The Congressional Black Caucus   Statement on War with Iraq

Negro Catholic Writers (1900-1943):

A Bio-Bibliography (1945)

By Sister Mary Anthony Scally, R.S.M.

Librarian, Mount St. Agnes College Baltimore

Preface  NCW Sources  NCW Entries   Claude McKay

Magazines & Newspapers     Daniel Hale Williams

 Achille and Lewis  

 Leedie and Lewis

Matthews and Rousseve

Rousseve and Saulny

Thomas Wyatt Turner (1877-1978)

Biologist, Educator, and Catholic Activist; Professor

Interested in more than a career as educator and researcher, Turner's work, curiously, as an activist, has overshadowed his many scientific accomplishments. A member in the founder (1909) of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Turner served as a leader in the Baltimore and Washington branches and was president of the NAACP Phoebus, Virginia, branch. More

Black Catholic History  in the Archdiocese of Baltimore / New York's Pioneer Colored Catholics  (Thomas F. Meehan, KSG) /  Turner-Cone Theology Page


Biography of

Mother Mary Elizabeth Lange, O.S.P.


  Turner-Cone Theology Page

Election UpDate

For Immediate Release -- October 15, 2002 

 New Report Reveals  / Catholics Defy Stereotype of Monolithic Voting Bloc

Dems Neglect Catholic Voters at Their Peril (Commentary By Caryl Rivers)


Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards without Mother or Father, a Priest of Melchezideck forever

The Black Christ in Flesh Black Christ Poem  Blacks Worshipping Christ  Turner-Cone Theology Page

Hard Truths: September 11, 2001  and Respecting the Idea of America

 By Haki R. Madhubuti

 Haki Madhubuti Bio 

Why Are We Separate? An Ecumenical Study of the African American Baptists (Paul White) /    A Book  of  Hope, Healing, Wisdom & Inspiration 


37                               Normally, Rwanda's rivers swell

                                   with red clay when the rains

                         come. This year the shallows also swell with

                         desecrated black bodies bleached purple white

               by the rich eroding red earth: first, old men  soldiers

boys girls  women, then the live babies, drowning downstream  Upon Africa's

escaping faces reign mute hunger and holloweyed confusion.

Thinkable Genocide

What is Fascism Is AmeriKKKa a Fascist State? (Junious Ricardo Stanton) / Stanton Bio   Positively Black Table  Hitler & the Negro

African Methodism in the South or Twenty-Five Years of Freedom


Introduction (W. S. SCARBOROUGH, A. M., LL. D )


 End the Nightmare -- Bring Back the Dream!

Reclaiming the MLK, Jr. Holiday

& the True Spirit of Dr. King

on Monday January 19, 2004

3rd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Justice and Peace National Workshop & Rally

 Turner-Cone Theology Page   DuBois-Malcolm-King Political Action Forum  The African World Baltimore Page

A Short History of “When the Levee Breaks”On Saturday [30 August 2008], a million citizens fled Louisiana for safer ground, after Hurricane Gustav metamorphosed into a Category 4 hurricane in a mere 24 hours. It is scheduled to slam into the U.S. almost exactly three years after Hurricane Katrina did the same, visiting the kind of disaster dystopia one usually sees in film or music. . . . Louisiana authorities explain that there will be no shelter for those left behind or who choose to stay behind. It's a familiar refrain for those caught up in this recurring environmental nightmare, perhaps more familiar than you think. "When the Levee Breaks" was first created by the Delta bluesmen Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie. Listen to the original Jordan Flaherty about New Orleans  /  New Orleans pre-Gustav

Missing People in New Orleans—Its figures paint a dramatic picture of jobs and housing decline in the central city area. During the storm's aftermath, thousands of residents were evacuated from the city. Two years later, one in three households have still not returned, and the population has dropped from 455,000 to 274,000. Poor households with children are particularly likely to have stayed away, with the number of children in public schools at only 40% of its pre-Katrina level. To some extent, migrants from Mexico and Central America have replaced Afro-Americans in New Orleans, with an estimated additional 100,000 Hispanic people in the region. They have been attracted by some of the relatively well-paying jobs in construction and tourism. Looking for jobs—But overall, the News Orleasn metro area employs 113,000 fewer people than in August 2005, and the pace of job creation has slowed to a crawl. The biggest declines were in tourism jobs (down 24,500), government jobs (down 29,000) and healthcare jobs (down 23,000). And 4,000 smaller firms closed after the storm. "We apparently are at a place where the post-storm employment recovery is peaking," said demographer Elliot Stonecipher. "Those categorical drops in jobs paint a picture of a devastated economy and we have to stop acting like they didn't happen."  Steve Schifferes. Two years on, New Orleans stalls News BBC

Democracy vs. Profit is Central Issue in Takeover of Benton Harbor, Mich. by Roger Bybee—26 April 2011— There is no place in the United States that more cruelly illustrates the intensifying conflict between corporate power and democracy than Benton Harbor, Mich., the first city to be placed under what some Michiganders call “financial martial law.” In March, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder won approval of Public Act 4 (i.e., the Emergency Manager law), which permits him to declare that a city is in fiscal crisis and then to appoint an overseer with unlimited powers including the elimination of existing union contracts. Significantly, chief sponsors of Public Act 4 were State Rep. Al Pscholka, who was a former aide to Whirlpool heir U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, and also "a former vice president for one of the major entities involved in building the luxury golf development," The Rachel Maddow Show reported last week. One of the first battlegrounds in Benton Harbor is Jean Klock Park: Will the 90-acre park continue to be a public facility on Lake Michigan for poor kids or will it be converted into the massive proposed Harbor Shores golf course, condo and marina development? Benton Harbor's population is 92% African-American and deeply impoverished by the de-industrialization of the city and surrounding area. Whirlpool’s recent plant shutdown is the most recent, crushing blow as the corporation continues to expand significantly in low-wage plants in Mexico, despite taking $19 million in federal recovery funds. Benton Harbor is plagued by the lowest per capita income in Michigan ($8,965), with 42.6 percent of the population living below the poverty line, including a majority of kids under age 18.—InTheseTimes  / photo right: Mayor Dave Bing cozies up with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

President Obama British Parliament Speech London England (May 25, 2011)  /  Minister Farrakhan's Conference on US, NATO attack on Libya (June 15, 2011)

Obama Humiliates the Black Caucus—“Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes,” Obama hectored. “Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do.”

Black Caucus chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver had earlier told reporters, “If Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this [Black unemployment] problem, we probably would be marching on the White House." But Obama came to lay down the law: any marching that you might do will be for my re-election. The well-oiled crowd cheered. Los Angeles congresswoman Maxine Waters seemed to be the only Black lawmaker capable of an adult response:

“I’m not sure who the president was addressing. I found that language a bit curious. The president spoke to the Hispanic Caucus… he certainly didn’t tell them to stop complaining and he never would say that to the gay and lesbian community who really pushed him on don’t ask don’t tell or even in a speech to APEC, he would never say to the Jewish community stop complaining about Israel.”BlackAgendaReport  / Obama Loses Cool At Black Caucus Dinner

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free  / Michele Alexander—The New Jim CrowColeman HawkinsAfter Midnight

Join Black Agenda Report

at the Left Forum

“Obama, the Crisis of Black Leadership, and U.S. Imperialism Running Amuck “

Saturday, March 20, 12noon

Room W621, Pace University, New York City

Glen Ford, BAR executive editor / Margaret Kimberley, BAR editor and senior columnist

Nellie Bailey, co-founder, Harlem Tenants Council, Harlem Anti-War Coalition

Jon Jeter, former southern Africa bureau chief, Washington Post

Richie Havens:I Can't Make it Any More  / Lady Madonna / Just Like A Woman Tupelo Honey Just Like A Woman  / What About Me

SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference

To commemorate the April, 1960 founding of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

at Shaw University, Raleigh, NC,

the SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina

April 15-18, 2010  

Bill Moyers Journal: Gretchen Morgenson  (video) /  Bill Moyers Journal: Gretchen Morgenson (transcript)  /

ChickenBones: A Journal Endorses Alvin Greene

for US Senate from South Carolina

An unemployed 32-year-old black Army veteran with no campaign funds, no signs, and no website shocked South Carolina on Tuesday night by winning the Democratic Senate primary to oppose Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC).—Who Is Alvin Greene? Mother Jones

The people of South Carolina need someone they can relate to. And that's me. The other guy hasn't lived the life I lived. I'm unemployed. And so are some other people from South Carolina. I won't forget that anytime soon—Alvin Greene

Reverend Jesse L. Jackson on Jena—Thus far Republicans have been campaigning as if all America was a white suburb. . . . .  But the Democratic nominees should not simply assume that they can inherit minority votes. They have to earn them. Standing up for justice and against this kind of hatred is an essential measure of leadership. . . . Jena is a biopsy of the cancer of the criminal justice system. . . . The right-wing backlash is taking away our rights, our votes – and making a profit. . . . Jena is not just Jena; there is a Jena everywhere. . . .  This is not the start of a new civil rights movement – it is an extension of it. The battle with Jena is not over. Jena must inspire us to go back home and fight the criminal justice system.   Nuking, Westerns, and White Manliness

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