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Recognize that Afrocentrism, like reparations, is all about building African Power, and recognize

that the problem of the 21st century is the problem of African Power: How to build

enough of it to guarantee the survival and sovereign autonomy of Pan-Africa.



Books by Chinweizu


 The West and the Rest of Us (1975) / Decolonising the African Mind (1987) / Voices from Twentieth-century Africa (1988)


Invocations and Admonitions (1986); Energy Crisis and Other Poems (1978); Anatomy of Female Power (1990)


 Towards the Decolonization of African Literature (1980).


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Reparations and the Pan-African War on Genocide

By Chinweizu


Now that the American Nazi masters of White Power have started implementing their Global ‘Final Solution’ to what, in the USA, they used to call ‘The Negro Question’ [i.e., ‘What is to be done with the Negro?’], a new and deadly context has arisen for the Pan-African Reparations Movement.

Situation Report

Black Africans, whether in the African homeland or in the world-wide Diaspora, have, for three decades already, been under a genocide attack from the barbarian masters of Global Europe; a sneak attack made by using Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction (Bio-WMDs). Those who, for centuries have orchestrated our enslavement, expropriation and super-exploitation, are now (Surprise! Surprise!) orchestrating our extermination.

Our prospects have, without fanfare, gone from worse to the worst: from a further 1000 years of exploitation, humiliation and the most dire poverty, to outright extermination within this century, if we don’t defeat this attack. Unfortunately, most Africans do not know that they are at war; or that Global Europe has been making war, non-stop, on Pan-Africa for the last six centuries; or that, since the 1970s, the Nazi masters of Globalization [their imperialist ‘New World Order’] have been waging a covert war to exterminate us.

Africans know all too well of AIDS, and of the AIDS epidemic that is devastating Pan-African populations; but they, and especially those of the Homeland, either do not know, or are too brainwashed to believe, that the AIDS scourge was deliberately inflicted to exterminate them, via the World Health Organization (WHO) and its mass vaccination campaign to, ostensibly, eradicate smallpox. That was the campaign in which they vaccinated 97 million people in the 7 countries of Central Africa which became the epicenter of the AIDS pandemic: Zaire, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi.

Who manufactured the actual, but still mysterious, virus that causes AIDS, and why, and how it got into the WHO vaccines is yet another story?

The Challenge

There comes a time when a people must get its act together or perish. For Pan-Africa (the entire Black African World) that time is NOW! If we fail to get our act together, we will have no future left, for we shall, like others before us, be disappeared from Planet Earth by our age-old enemies: the genocide-addicted barbarian masters of Global Europe. We shall be disappeared like the Native Americans of the USA, like the Black Tasmanians, like the Black Aborigines of Australia, like the Tatar Aborigines of Siberia. The challenge before all Africans is, therefore, this:

To wage a relentless War on Genocide and defeat, by any means necessary, this satanic extermination campaign that has been unleashed on us. That is the paramount task, indeed the one and only strategic task facing us in this century.

What is to be done?

As victims of a genocide attack, it is our duty to respond with a War on Genocide.

To that end,

We must rouse the African fighting spirit.

We must mobilize the population of Pan-Africa.

We must reorganize the societies and communities of Pan-Africa to build African Power for Pan-African survival.

But what has reparations got to do with any of that?


Indeed, Self-Reparation, the core aspect of reparations, is the key to everything. How so?

The two prime obstacles to African mobilization and organization are

a)      the Niggerized populations of Pan-Africa, and

b)      the packed galleries of the Traitors-at-the-Top of Pan-Africa’s societies and communities: the Traitors Spiritual, Traitors Temporal, Traitors Intellectual, Traitors Political, Cultural, Economic etc; Traitors who are installed by White Power to disorient and lead us astray, and who hold their own people down for the imperialist enemy to rape, loot, exploit and exterminate.

Remember Marcus Garvey? That great Pan-African prophet who warned us, back in the 1920s, against the genocide we are now undergoing? What kept us from heeding his call to organize the African Power to deter or defeat this long-predicted attack? It was none other than our de-Africanized, Niggerized and zombified minds.

Our first step towards victory must, therefore, be to de-Niggerize and re-Africanize our minds; to get rid, especially, of the Niggerism that is now entrenched in the Homeland.

But, first of all, What is the Nigger?

The Nigger is the African mangled by white power, a peculiar travesty produced by centuries of European imperialism and Arab hegemony. And alas! after more than a century of being completely in the dungeons of White Power, all of us Africans today have become Niggers.

The Nigger is the zombie into which White Power has deformed the African.

The Nigger is a fake African—a person of African race, who has been stripped of African culture, and who is culturally Eurocentric or Arabocentric.

The Nigger is a biological African who has internalized white supremacist superstitions, and become Afrophobic, and even Eurochauvinist or Arabochauvinist too, in many cases.

The Nigger is a person with black skin, white mind and white spirit, an African salt that has lost its savor, brown sugar that has turned sour.

The Nigger is that strange creature – the nominal African who despises his race, denies African culture, demonizes his ancestors, and yet expects, and even demands, that people of the other self-respecting races of humanity should respect him and treat him as an equal member of humanity.

The Nigger is the African zombi possessed by the ideas and ideals of White Supremacy; the Afrocidal African who craves to be white, physically (e.g., Wacko Jacko), or culturally (e.g,. the assortment of Black Europeans in the Homeland, Afro-Saxons in the Diaspora, and Omar Bashir with his criminal band of Arabizer-Jihadeer slavers and ethnic cleansers in the Sudan).

The Nigger, mesmerized by the Phantom of Individual Freedom/Equality/Rights within the White Power system of the enemy, imagines himself liberated even while everything in Pan-Africa – our laws, our customs, our cities, our schools, our beliefs, our ambitions -- still bears the characteristics stamped on it to serve imperialism.

The Nigger is the African enchanted by and addicted to Global Europe’s anti-ecological [i.e., anti-Maat] Way; that glamorized, capitalist way that is leading to certain destruction for the biosphere and humanity.

Some Niggers, the Super-Niggers, are so addicted to the satanic gods and conman heavens of their white slave-masters that they are, in effect, already enslaved, not only in body and mind, but also in soul; not only for a lifetime here on earth, but also for eternity in the hereafter.

Imagine a black sheep regurgitated after a week in the stomach of a white python and covered in a thick gel of python saliva; imagine that half-digested carcass staggering about and parading itself as a sheep. Some sheep! But such, alas, is the Nigger!

It takes the Nigger to think or say: ‘Thank God for Slavery!’ or ‘Thank God for Colonialism!’, i.e. to count as blessings those two demolitions of African societies by White Power: demolitions accompanied by viper bites which imbedded fangs and poisons into the body-social of Pan-Africa, fangs which are yet to be extracted, and poisons which are yet to be bled and neutralized with antidotes, poisons which are still coursing through our spirits, leaving Pan-Africa too dazed, decrepit and disoriented to get its act together.

Such is the Niggerized African, whether of the homeland or the Diaspora!

And the Nigger mind is the enemy’s recruiting point for traitors among us.

            And it is Niggerism that has made Pan-Africa’s Traitors-at-the-Top squander, in frivolous pursuits, the past 50 years of ‘Independence’, and it has kept them chasing after crumbs from the table of White Power, instead of focusing on their strategic duty to build African Power. And these gratuitous failures have brought us, weak and defenseless, into this vaccination slaughter-yard for genocide.

Our first task in our War on Genocide is, therefore, to cure Pan-Africa of Niggerism, with its identity confusions, its strategic blindness, its miseducated and zombified consciousness, its suicidal imbecilities and its infinite tolerance for Traitors-at-the-Top.

Self-Reparation is about effecting this cure. And the operational proof of successful self-reparation is when we build the African Power that brings us victory over this genocide. But the Nigger in us dreads and obstructs this cure.

Remember Rap Brown? Remember his battle cry?  “Die, Nigger Die!”

We are yet to fully undergo that wise cure he prescribed. There are still too many Niggers in Pan-Africa, doing havoc among us everywhere. In fact, Niggers are proliferating, particularly in the Homeland. We must speedily kill off the Nigger, for the Nigger must die if the African is to live!

Remember Cabral, who taught us to re-become Africans and to struggle against our own weaknesses?

De-Niggerization, re-Africanization and overcoming our crippling weaknesses are the fundamentals of the self-reparation we must accomplish. Without them, our chances of surviving this 21st century are less than that of a hailstone in a metal-melting furnace.

Killing the Nigger is the foundation for our self-reparation program. And since the Nigger is so hard to kill, we must collectively help one another to kill the Nigger in himself or herself.

So, the basic and urgent task of the African Self-Reparation Movement is clear:

Re-Africanize the Nigger, for that is the only conversion that could save our bodies here on earth, and our souls in the hereafter.

To Africanize ourselves, we must Afrocentrify our minds.

After a century or more of comprehensive miseducation, our first need is to know ourselves and know our enemies.

And for that we must turn to our sages and prophets from down the ages and drink from their fountains of healing wisdom:

We must learn from our anti-imperialist prophets, from Boukman to Biko.

We must learn from our intellectual warriors and pathfinders, from the defenders of the African way: from Garvey, Cheikh Anta Diop, Amilcar Cabral, Martin Delaney, Malcolm X, Blyden, Fanon, Cesaire, Carruthers and others.

We must seek guidance from our sages across the millennia, from Ptahhotep down to p’Bitek, and from the proverbs of our ancestors.

We must take inspiration from exemplary organizers and mobilizers of African Power, from Mena to Menelik, from Senwosre to Shaka, from Seqenenre Tao, Kamose, Ahmose, Piankhy, and Taharka, down to Sundiata, Sonni Ali, Osei Tutu, Dessalines, Nzinga, Yaw Asantewa, Nehanda, Sobukwe and many many more.

We must arm ourselves with the weapon of culture, of African culture; we must furnish our minds with Afrocentric stories, epics, historiographs, parables, riddles, instructions, admonitions; with the sciences and technologies that built the Great Pyramids on the Nile; with the stories of the Good works, Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Ausar/Orsir, the sorrows and saving powers of Ise, the wisdom of Djehuti and the other Akhu (Enlightened Ones) of the Sep Tepi.

For our African Spirit to resurrect, like Ausar, after these many centuries of menticide, we must erase from Pan-Africa the satanic imprint of White Power and its Afrocidal brand of knowledge.

We must end our tolerance and admiration for those Nigger devils in the Traitors’ galleries who are spotlighted and glorified by enemy propaganda.

We must withdraw our allegiance and followership from the star Nigger misleaders foisted on us by White Power manipulation and praise songs.

We must abandon the acclaimed Niggers who purvey enemy doctrines and, instead, we must soak up wisdom from our own Afrocentric instructors: those who teach in the African Interest.

But while killing off the Nigger in and all around us, and while Afrocentrifying ourselves and our communities, we must not neglect some urgent defensive measures that we need to contain this genocide attack:

  1. Do not submit to any mass vaccination program, especially those sponsored by any White Power outfit, like the WHO and other UN agencies.

  2. At all times, Practice safe sex and other anti-AIDS measures.

  3. Breed as much as you can. Pan Africa has a problem of UNDER-POPULATION, not “overpopulation”, and we now need also to breed at a faster rate than the enemy’s genocide machine can mow us down.

  4. Give your offspring a thorough Afrocentric upbringing to ensure they become Africans and not Niggers!

  5. Create structures that will make and keep us African in mind and spirit.

  6. Become African-security-conscious at all times, and create organs for African control of African countries and communities.

  7. Insist on Africa for the Africans, and on using Africa’s resources for African Power.

  8. Disorganize the imperialist structures that entrap your country, enslave your society and warp your lives.

Remember, at all times, that the battlefront in this War on Genocide is wherever you are. So, take action wherever you are, today and every day:

Kill the Nigger in and around you and Afrocentrify yourself and your fellows!

Slay the Phantom of individual freedom/equality/rights which enemy sirens brandish to delude and cripple us. The only freedom/equality/rights any African can have anywhere on earth is the freedom/equality/rights guaranteed by African Power.

Anything else is a mirage that appears and disappears at the whim of White Power.

Recognize that Afrocentrism, like reparations, is all about building African Power, and recognize that the problem of the 21st century is the problem of African Power: How to build enough of it to guarantee the survival and sovereign autonomy of Pan-Africa.

Remember at all times, that there is no individual exemption, no individual escape route, from this genocide attack. A Colin Powell may claim that he isn’t black or African; but can he fool those new and improved Bio-WMD viruses that are genetically engineered to pick out and kill blacks, and blacks only?

We are all in this together, and must fight the war collectively or perish separately.

Therefore Organize, don’t agonize!

Indeed, this War on Genocide is a great summons to us to organize, to build coalitions and establish operational unity between the Diaspora and Homeland zones of Pan-Africa. This is the time for zealous missionaries of Afrocentrism to fan out throughout Pan-Africa to win back our people to our collective interest. And, in particular, all you Afrocentrists of the Diaspora: Come over to Africa and help us Afrocentrify this Niggerized wasteland and make it fit to build African Power for Pan-Africa’s survival!

And in taking up the challenge, let us arm our spirits with Boukman’s prayer of 1791:

Good God who created the Sun which shines on us from above, who rouses the sea and makes the thunder rumble;

            Listen! God though hidden in a cloud watches over us.

The god of the whiteman calls forth crime but our God wills good works.

Our God who is so good commands us to vengeance.

He will direct our arms and help us.

Throw away the likeness of the white man’s god who has so often brought us to tears and listen to liberty which speaks in all our hearts (Boukman, Haitian Vodun priest, Aug. 1791; tr. by Jacob Carruthers ).

With Boukman’s spirit lighting up our path

Let us unite and go forward to win this War on Genocide!

Reparations for Darfur   USAfrica: A Mortal Danger for Black Africans   Letter from Chinweizu / Letters from Kola Boof

Racism: Arab and European Compared  /  Black Enslavement: Arab and European Compared

Copyright © by Chinweizu 2004

posted 4 February 2008 

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*   *   *   *   *

1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created

By Charles C. Mann

I’m a big fan of Charles Mann’s previous book 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, in which he provides a sweeping and provocative examination of North and South America prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus. It’s exhaustively researched but so wonderfully written that it’s anything but exhausting to read. With his follow-up, 1493, Mann has taken it to a new, truly global level. Building on the groundbreaking work of Alfred Crosby (author of The Columbian Exchange and, I’m proud to say, a fellow Nantucketer), Mann has written nothing less than the story of our world: how a planet of what were once several autonomous continents is quickly becoming a single, “globalized” entity.

Mann not only talked to countless scientists and researchers; he visited the places he writes about, and as a consequence, the book has a marvelously wide-ranging yet personal feel as we follow Mann from one far-flung corner of the world to the next. And always, the prose is masterful. In telling the improbable story of how Spanish and Chinese cultures collided in the Philippines in the sixteenth century, he takes us to the island of Mindoro whose “southern coast consists of a number of small bays, one next to another like tooth marks in an apple.” We learn how the spread of malaria, the potato, tobacco, guano, rubber plants, and sugar cane have disrupted and convulsed the planet and will continue to do so until we are finally living on one integrated or at least close-to-integrated Earth. Whether or not the human instigators of all this remarkable change will survive the process they helped to initiate more than five hundred years ago remains, Mann suggests in this monumental and revelatory book, an open question.

*   *   *   *   *

Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America

By Melissa V. Harris-Perry

According to the author, this society has historically exerted considerable pressure on black females to fit into one of a handful of stereotypes, primarily, the Mammy, the Matriarch or the Jezebel.  The selfless Mammy’s behavior is marked by a slavish devotion to white folks’ domestic concerns, often at the expense of those of her own family’s needs. By contrast, the relatively-hedonistic Jezebel is a sexually-insatiable temptress. And the Matriarch is generally thought of as an emasculating figure who denigrates black men, ala the characters Sapphire and Aunt Esther on the television shows Amos and Andy and Sanford and Son, respectively.     

Professor Perry points out how the propagation of these harmful myths have served the mainstream culture well. For instance, the Mammy suggests that it is almost second nature for black females to feel a maternal instinct towards Caucasian babies.

As for the source of the Jezebel, black women had no control over their own bodies during slavery given that they were being auctioned off and bred to maximize profits. Nonetheless, it was in the interest of plantation owners to propagate the lie that sisters were sluts inclined to mate indiscriminately.

*   *   *   *   *

The White Masters of the World

From The World and Africa, 1965

By W. E. B. Du Bois

W. E. B. Du Bois’ Arraignment and Indictment of White Civilization (Fletcher)

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Ancient African Nations

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